At our Colorado Springs dental office, every member of our team takes your health and safety seriously — as well as their own. Our dental sterilization protocols are essential for maintaining a safe and clean environment for our patients and staff, and for preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

The Pine Creek sterilization protocols involve cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment such as dental chairs, dental trays, handpieces, and other instruments. We follow strict guidelines and procedures to ensure that these items are cleaned and sterilized immediately after each patient visit. 

Our dental sterilization protocols are essential for maintaining a safe and clean environment and for preventing the spread of infectious disease. This is part of the Pine Creek Dental experience and we do this, because we care for everyone who walks through our door. Please take a moment to review our sterilization protocols below. 

How We Sterilize Our Tools

Throughout the day, our dental care team uses the following sterilization tools and chemicals to keep germs from impacting your health and well-being. 

Physical barriers

We use many physical barriers as our first line of defense while providing care to all our valued patients, including:

  • Face masks
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Towels

These barriers keep viruses and bacteria from spreading through the office.

Our face masks remain in place to keep you safe. Gloves are discarded after each patient visit to prevent infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, from spreading throughout the office.


All our dental reusable instruments are cleaned in our autoclave sterilizer to eliminate germs and bacteria on their surfaces. The autoclave sterilizer uses steam, heat, and pressure to destroy harmful pathogens that can cause infections and disease.


We use disinfectants to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for our patients and staff, as well as to comply with infection control regulations and standards. We cleanse our hands using antibacterial hand soap before putting on surgical gloves to prevent the transmission of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We apply disinfectant liquids, sprays, and wipes to all surfaces and instruments to adhere to strict protocols ensuring proper office disinfection.

We Value Your Health and Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Pine Creek Dental and the way we operate. 

The collective efforts of our staff helped to keep everyone safe and protected our community — and for that, we want to express our deep appreciation. We value your continued partnership with our office and in promoting health and safety across Colorado Springs.

Please continue to stay at home and rest up when illnesses get you down. Don’t worry – we can reschedule your visit at a convenient time on a later date. The health and safety of you and our staff always comes first.

Request an Appointment  

To schedule a visit or ask questions about our sterilization methods, dial (719) 268-9400 to speak with a Pine Creek team member.

Ready to Request an Appointment?

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Our Reviews

Read our patient reviews to see what patients have to say about their experience with us at Pine Creek Dental.

I have been going to Pine Creek Dental for years. The staff is amazing! They are great at explaining everything as they go. I am so glad I found this place after my previous dentist retired. I will not go anywhere else.


The staff was very friendly and kept me at ease during the entire procedure. We even got to laugh and joke a few times. Love this practice and HIGHLY recommend having any dental work done here!


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