Implant Restoration

Your teeth play an important role in the aesthetics of your smile and overall appearance. You deserve to have a mouth with a full smile. Having all your teeth makes it easier to speak, chew, and interact with other people. If you feel like your self-esteem and self-confidence have been harmed by a missing tooth, we are here to help.

Pine Creek Dental in Colorado Springs has the state-of-the-art tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to restore your smile. We can use dental implant restoration to make sure you have a functional, beautiful smile that you can be proud of. 

Your comfort is our top priority, and integral to the Pine Creek Dental experience. Let us provide you with professional dental implant restoration services that can dramatically improve your quality of life. 

What Is Dental Implant Restoration?

Dental implant restoration is the process of replacing your missing teeth with artificial teeth. The replacement tooth attaches to an anchor that’s secured to the jawbone. An abutment connects the two, resulting in a tooth that looks and feels real.    

The restoration process usually takes up to eight months to complete. The duration depends on how many teeth need replaced and if bone grafts are required to rebuild your jawbone.

Dr. Thompson will assess your oral condition during the consultation process and explain what to expect throughout the procedure. We encourage you to ask questions during your evaluation to get the answers you need to make the decision that’s right for you. 

What Are the Benefits of a Dental Implant?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may be missing a tooth. Perhaps the tooth never developed, or was lost due to an accident, or extracted by a dentist and never replaced. 

If you are missing a tooth, a dental implant could be the right solution for you. Our dental implant restoration services can give you that full smile you can be proud of! 

When you choose dental implants to restore your missing teeth, you may experience the following benefits:

  • Enjoy a bright, beautiful smile 
  • Find it easier to chew food
  • Restore your ability to speak clearly
  • Feel more confident about yourself
  • Preserve your overall oral health
  • Prevent physical health effects

Dental implants are highly durable and a valuable investment. You can expect the implant anchor to last a lifetime, while the crowns will last up to 15 years. Be sure to continue your regular dental care routine to ensure your dental implants stay healthy and in good condition. We will provide you with the resources you need to take exceptional care of your dental implant so it lasts the rest of your life. 

Do you think you are a candidate for dental implants? At Pine Creek Dental, we will discuss your options and help you make the best possible decision for your oral health. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at (719) 268-9400.

Ready to Request an Appointment?

Dr. Thompson and his team truly enjoy getting to know patients and look forward to meeting you soon. Give us a call and request an appointment for your next checkup, get a second opinion, or explore options for your unique dental needs. From all of us at Pine Creek Dental, we look forward to seeing you smile!

Our Reviews

Read our patient reviews to see what patients have to say about their experience with us at Pine Creek Dental.

I have been going to Pine Creek Dental for years. The staff is amazing! They are great at explaining everything as they go. I am so glad I found this place after my previous dentist retired. I will not go anywhere else.


The staff was very friendly and kept me at ease during the entire procedure. We even got to laugh and joke a few times. Love this practice and HIGHLY recommend having any dental work done here!


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