Dental Implants in Colorado Springs, CO: Workable for Osteoporosis?

Dental Implants in Colorado Springs, CO: Workable for Osteoporosis?

Tooth loss due to external factors can be depressing in certain cases. There’s often an unsightly gap in the teeth, and efforts to chew and speak get more complicated. Such a problem compromises the gumline and may aid in receding jawbone down the line. What if a woman who lost a tooth is already plagued with osteoporosis? Having dental implants installed at an established Colorado Springs, CO practice like Pine Creek Dental may be a key to arresting that tide.

Step in the Right Direction

A basis for dental implantation as a part of osteoporotic treatment may be seen in a new study by Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine. It focused on 237 women who have lost at least one tooth—except for presumably extracted wisdom teeth—and are diagnosed with osteoporosis. They underwent certain cosmetic dental procedures and were furnished a questionnaire detailing aspects of their lives after the operation.

The treatments included dental implantation, onlays, and removable dentures. Sixty-four women opted for implants and later reaped exceptional results in terms of social and oral functions as an outcome of the procedure.

Lingering Data

Some medical professionals claim that bone loss due to osteoporosis have a correlation with reduced jawbone mass because of edentulism. Dr. Elena Calciolari of Implant Practice US magazine said two previous studies “failed” to tag osteoporosis as a potential hindrance to dental implants fusing with existing jawbone.

In the consultation for implant placement, your preferred Colorado Springs dentist can take extra precautions to address issues such as smoking, diagnoses for diabetes, and deficiencies in Vitamin D and calcium. The latter is essential in retaining bone structure needed for accepting the implants’ titanium content. A bone graft may be possible to shore up the jawbone mass, but only under special circumstances.

In addition, you have to tell your dentist if you’re taking osteoporosis medications, as certain products are reportedly known to hamper the production of bone tissue that aids the body in accepting the implants. Your dentist will also need to thoroughly clean the insertion area to prevent complications, and plan ahead for a longer recovery period.

Dental implants can be a way to restore oral functions that went with a lost tooth. A successful operation at the hands of dentists like Pine Creek’s Dr. Bill Thompson, DDS, can be that big break you need.

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