3 Reasons Your Colorado Springs Dental Implants May Need Restoration

A dental implant solves different oral problems, such as missing teeth, cracked enamel, and loss of bone growth. However, it may result in more problems if the procedure didn’t go as planned. There may be complications resulting in pain and disease if these problems are left ignored. This is why you need to monitor your oral condition and pay attention to signs of complications after receiving dental implants in Colorado Springs, CO.

When you spot any of the signs, it’s time to go to a dentist who can restore or examine your dental implants.

Swollen and Red Gums

Your gums are one of the most affected areas of the mouth when receiving a dental implant. If they swell and redden too much, it can be an indication of a peri-implant disease. This could also mean that the implant is failing. To prevent the problem from becoming worse, go to your dentist to have the gums and the implant checked.

Chewing Pain

One purpose for a dental implant is to help you eat and chew better. If the implant is defeating its purpose and causing pain when you eat and chew, then there’s a problem that needs immediate attention. The pain can be from swollen and inflamed gums due to the implant, so a trip to the dentist is necessary. Your dentist can treat your gums and find out the root cause of the pain.

Shifting and Crooked Teeth

Checking the position of your dental implants is necessary to make sure they are still in proper position. A shift or crookedness in your teeth can be a sign of a periodontal disease. Such a disease can make the teeth surrounding the implant to shift from their original position over time. Once you notice that your teeth are no longer aligned, have a dentist look at them.

Any of these signs is reason enough to visit a dentist who can take care of your Colorado Springs dental implants immediately. This way, you can avoid more serious oral problems.

You should also maintain your implants through proper oral hygiene that consists of regular brushing and flossing. Regular professional cleaning is helpful, also, because dental implants are made of different materials than natural teeth. Because of this, dentists use certain cleaning tools that are more effective than regular toothbrushes and floss.

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