A Dentist Shares Tips on Gum and Dental Care for the Teenage Years

A Dentist Shares Tips on Gum and Dental Care for the Teenage Years

The teen years are an important time for building healthy teeth and good dental habits that will last a lifetime. There are a few issues regarding good dental health that are particularly pertinent for teens. A Colorado Springs dentist can work with teens to ensure that their teeth and gums remain healthy.


This is a time when many people pick up the habit. Smoking stains the teeth and contributes to the likelihood of gum disease and oral cancer. Teens who do not use tobacco products should not start, and those who are already using them should stop before further damage occurs.

Building Healthy Routines

Flossing daily and brushing at least twice a day, eating nutritious food, cutting back on food and drinks like sodas that can be hard on teeth, and getting regular dental checkups and cleanings in the teen years can set the stage for a lifetime of good dental health. Teens should keep in mind that the rewards of maintaining that health are also cosmetic. Healthy teeth are better-looking teeth.


dentist in Colorado Springs can assess whether a teen might need braces. Braces in the teen years may save on dental trouble later in life. Teeth that are straightened and properly positioned in the mouth are easier to keep clean and less vulnerable to decay.

Mouth Guards and Protectors

Many teens play sports, and mouth guards can help protect the upper mouth area. For teens who have braces and other orthodontal work on their lower row of teeth, a protector can be worn as well.

Eating Disorders and Stress

In addition to the other dangers that an eating disorder presents, the stomach acids from vomiting can cause damage to tooth enamel. In some cases, an eating disorder might first be noticed by a dentist. A dentist cannot treat the actual disorder but can help repair some of the damage to the mouth.

Teens are often under a great deal of stress, and this could cause the grinding of teeth at night leading to TMJ. Teens with sore jaws or sensitive teeth should discuss the situation with their dentist.


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