Dealing with Dental Problems: When is it Time to Go to the Dentist?

A visit to the dentist is often delayed because of other daily activities. You may have been planning to go for months, but your work, personal commitments or responsibilities take all of your time. None of these, however, should be an excuse. Going to the dentist should be a regular activity because it involves your oral health.

If you can’t remember the last time you visited your dentist, these signs should be reasons enough to pay them a visit now, especially since ignoring them can lead to more problems.


Toothaches can be so strong that they consume all of your attention and prevent you from enjoying normal activities. Pain is an obvious sign that something’s not right inside your mouth. Even if the pain goes away after some hours or days, you still need to have it checked to determine the culprit behind it.


When you notice that your gums are inflamed and swollen, you should run to the dentist. It just means that hardened plaque has already gathered under your gum line. This can lead to gingivitis and periodontitis, which, if left unaddressed, can cause tooth loss.

White Spots 

Don’t take white spots on your teeth for granted because they are an indicator that your teeth are starting to decay. Dental decay occurs when bacteria produces acid that can dissolve the enamel. You may not feel anything and symptoms may be absent, but a dentist can catch this problem early on, helping prevent it.


If there’s pain whenever your teeth experience hot and cold temperatures, then you probably have an oral problem. Sensitivity to hot and cold is a sign of tooth decay that’s getting worse because it’s already reaching the blood vessels and nerves in the center of your tooth. You need to have your cavity filled to address the problem. Otherwise, it can develop into a more serious situation.


Take a look inside your mouth and check for any discoloration. If the color of your cheeks or tongue is unusual or you notice a lump anywhere inside your mouth, schedule a visit to your dentist immediately. A dentist in Colorado Springs, CO knows how to trace the source of the discoloration and inconsistency to ultimately come up with a remedy.

Always be wary of these signs and never hesitate to make a trip to the dental office immediately if any of them appear.

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