Dental Implants: How They Are Installed and What Their Benefits Are

Dental Implants: How They Are Installed and What Their Benefits Are

Despite some people’s best attempts to take care of their teeth, they may experience tooth loss to circumstances beyond their control. Losing any tooth can cause significant changes to a person’s appearance. It can also compromise a person’s confidence.

To help people deal better with premature tooth loss, dentists now offer remedies like dental implants. These implants are made from tooth-like material and can last for years.

How to Begin the Process

People in Colorado Springs, CO who are considering dental implants may want to know the procedure involved before deciding whether or not this treatment is right for them. The entire process can last for several months. Many people undergo treatment for four to six months.

The dentist must determine if there is enough bone inside the patient’s gum lines to transplant the dental fixture. If bone needs to be transplanted, the procedure can become a joint effort between the cosmetic dentist and a periodontist. After bone is implanted, the cosmetic dentist will then install the base into which the implant itself will be placed. After the base is secured and allowed to adjust into its new space, the implant will then be placed, effectively completing the treatment.

Ideal Candidates for Dental Implants

Before starting the treatment, dentists will determine if the patient is an ideal candidate for dental implants. People who refuse to give up destructive dental habits, such as smoking or eating excessive amounts of sugar, may be told to try the treatment after they cease their behaviors.

Some people, such as soldiers returning from conflict, make ideal patients for this treatment. For example, a soldier serving abroad suffered a catastrophic wound to his face. The wound caused him to lose most of his teeth. His appearance and self-confidence were restored after he underwent a dental implant procedure.

Candidates chosen for dental implants may also wonder to what extent their insurance will pay for the procedure. Treatments like bone transplants may be billed as medical; however, most dental insurers only pay a certain percentage toward implants.

Patients are advised to learn the dollar amount of their cosmetic dental surgery benefits starting treatment. They may be expected to pay for the remaining balance left by their insurers upfront. Paying upfront allows them to undergo the procedure without having to worry about financial challenges afterward.


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