Living With Little to No Teeth: Are Dental Implants the Solution?

What is it like living without teeth? Most of us cannot even begin to imagine the life of someone who has lost majority of their teeth, even less can we imagine living with none at all. All of us may have experienced the loss of some of our teeth in our lives, but these teeth were all replaced eventually with our permanent ones. Those who were unfortunate enough to experience losing some of their permanent, adult teeth were able to get dental implants in Colorado Springs, CO as replacements, which is unmistakably similar to regular teeth.

Dental Implants and Its Advancements

Dental implants have changed for Colorado Springs and everywhere else. From the old perception of dental implants as a sort of luxury, it has become a daily procedure to keep a set of teeth complete. It has grown in popularity even more so once the effects of not getting lost teeth replaced has been proven. The non-replacement of lost teeth affects the jawbone, the gums, and the structure of the remaining teeth, becoming more of a problem in the long run.

Those without teeth are mostly people who thought that losing one or two teeth did not need any replacement. Now they may be rethinking their decision of holding off on the dental implant that was available the time. Getting dental implants for those without teeth is not impossible, although it can be a bit hard. The process is not the same as installing dentures, the main difference is that dental implants are non-removable and are as similar as regular teeth on anyone.

Living without teeth would be hard. The gums are not made for biting and chewing, and they will deteriorate over time without anything to hold on to their structure. This in turn would definitely affect the jawbone, making it softer, unstructured, and easier to damage. Weakness in the jawbone, can create other health problems for patients. A damaged jawbone can be much more expensive than any other process for the teeth.

To have dental implants installed for those who have lost a majority of their teeth, the jawbone density must be checked. If he or she is lacking some density, a bit is added to the jawbone for proper dental implantation. From there, the procedure carries on until it ends, giving the patient a smile that is just like the real thing, only better. Those who have lost teeth do not have to live the rest of their lives with a gap in their smile anymore.

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