What Your Colorado Springs Dentist Suggests to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Having a good set of teeth doesn’t happen by chance. It requires time as well as a proactive attitude toward overall dental hygiene. Here are some steps you can take to keep your teeth and entire oral cavity in good shape.

Watch What You Eat

One of the easiest ways to take care of your teeth is to properly choose your food and drink. Some foods and beverages leave stains or acids than can damage the surface of the teeth. Others, however, promote good dental health. For example, leafy greens are good teeth cleaners, much like some fruits like pear and apple. The fiber in these foods scrape off tartar, which leads to dental caries.

Cheese is also good for your teeth; it helps increase saliva production, which in turn prevents dry mouth issues and helps preserve the oral cavity’s natural buffer against cavity-causing bacteria. Cheese also contains both protein and calcium, which can help strengthen tooth enamel.

Try Home Remedies

While in-office teeth whitening is the most effective solution to your yellowish teeth, there are home remedies you can try first, especially if the discoloration isn’t so bad. One popular home remedy using is apple cider vinegar solution. Pour vinegar in a cup and soak your toothbrush in it, then brush your teeth for several minutes. Vinegar is naturally acidic, so it can help fade yellow stains.

You can try over-the-counter whitening strips. These strips contain nearly the same peroxide solution used in in-office bleaching. Leave these strips on for at least an hour to get desired results. The strips work better when placed only after wiping away excess saliva on your teeth with tissue.

Seek Help from a Dentist

No matter how good you think your teeth look, it is always smart to get help from a dentist in Colorado Springs. Other than ensuring that your teeth are in good health, a Colorado Springs dentist can perform other useful cosmetic dental procedures if you need them. Some of these include extractions, bonding, dental implants, and root canals, just to name a few.

Maintaining your teeth is important because it helps improve your smile and confidence. Having a beautiful smile can open doors of opportunities for you. It even connects you with more people. Oral care is, therefore, a worthwhile investment.

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